34EMA Wave and GRaB MT4, TradeStation, Think or Swim Downloads

Download the 34EMA Wave & GRaB Candles for TradeStation

Download the 34EMA Wave & GRaB Candles for Think or Swim

Download the 34EMA Wave & GRaB Candles for MT4 

Notes on MT4 Installation:

Please contact your broker for assistance with set up or installation of these tools.
After unzipping the files (I use WINRAR), I put the “GRaB Candles Long”, “GRaB Candles Short”, “GRaB Candles Range” in the “indicators” folder.

You can find this if you go into your C: drive -> Program Files -> MetaTrader (or whatever version of MT4 you are using is called) -> experts -> indicators

A common error is not unzipping the files first before putting them in the indicators folder. Also the GRaB will occasionally cause a “shadow” set of candles on the chart. It looks like another candle overlay. If those does occur, simply change the time frame of that chart to something else, let it load, and then change it back.

I recently did a special presentation on these tools and you can view the playback here:

Discover the Power of Market Trends with GRaB Candles

If you do not have either the platforms listed in this email (these are the ones I personally use) then please feel free to put the 34EMA Wave on your chart by putting three exponential
moving averages (EMA) on your charts.

Each is set on the 34 period:

34 period EMA on the high in green
34 period EMA on the close in blue
34 period EMA on the low in red

Download the 34EMA Wave & GRaB Candles for MT4 (Right Click and “Save Link As”)