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95% of traders are doomed to fail. If you’re trading alone, the odds are stacked against you. Learn exactly how to battle the world’s best and brightest…and win!

Some of us have traded for more than 25 years through every market condition imaginable. Together, we’ve taken thousands of trades, generated millions in profits, AND have learned hard lessons along the way. Here at Simpler Trading we provide the trading
tools and education to help you avoid the “hard lessons” and beat of odds to become a successful trader. In that time, we’ve provided trading tools and education to over 300,000 people.

The Simpler Forex chat room is where we watch the markets together LIVE every trading day. We review charts and trading ideas in real-time so members can follow along every step of every trade. Interacting with successful traders is much more efficient
than learning by trial and error…

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We are a community of proven, successful traders. We find high probability setups on an intraday, trend following, and swing trading basis. We USE and SHARE more than 25 years of time tested strategies and experience!

Live Trading Chatrooms Join Raghee Horner Monday through Friday as she analyzes and trades the markets LIVE. Raghee explains each trade, step by step, through news, volatility, charts, and strategies.

Follow the major moves of the day, current events, and get insight into opportunities most traders miss. Interact with Raghee and fellow members in the chat room.

Live Trading Chatroom
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Set Up Alert Emails Receive email alerts directly from Raghee. Raghee tracks the key market moving events all over the world and keeps you from getting blindsided by technical shifts, news, and economic data.

Each email alert explains the specifics of an upcoming trade in an easy-to-follow manner while offering you enough time to scan the set up and put it work.

Member’s Trading Forum An interactive forum where you can ask questions and exchange trading ideas with traders of all levels…24 hours a day.

This is a supportive community of traders using the Simpler Forex approach. The forum is also a good place to ask questions directly to Raghee.

Trading Forum
Trading Room/ Webinar Archive

Trading Room/ Webinar Archive Can’t attend the Live Trading Chat Room sessions? No problem! Every session is recorded and posted (about an hour after it concludes). You can go back and review every session at your own pace and convenience.

Also get access to on-demand webinar archives to continually improve your trading skills.

The future for savvy currency traders is bright and boundless. We are constantly testing and finding better ways to deliver key market insight to our members through our wide array of market strategies, trading tools, and world-class experts.

Raghee Horner / Curreny Expert

Raghee has more than 25 years of retail trading experience. She was the Chief Currency Analyst for IBFX (bought by FXCM). She has an uncanny ability to reveal the narrative behind the central banks’ policies, global events, and price action through her highly precise attention to detail of how to place a profitable trade.

Her specialties include Forex, Currencies; ETFs and Futures, Market Trend Analysis, Price Movement Range Volatility Analysis, Trend Following, and Intermarket Analysis.

Raghee Horner


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