Project Super Trader (The MIND Edition)

Since the beginning of I’ve emphasized charts and brains. Optimizing both.

Trader Mindful(ness)-2

From there grew Project Superhuman which are a handful of audios and exercises that I have done, created by my friend Niraj, who has an interesting story of his own. (for another time!)

It was and still is cutting edge Brainwave Entrainment using music and isochronic tones. (don’t worry if you don’t know what that is now…)

Every now and again we’ll discuss these tools and like I said, we’ve been doing this for years…and then…there was Billions (the series on Showtime not-so-loosely based on many a handful of hedge fund managers)

In nearly every episode they would show Bobby Axelrod sitting alone in a comfy chair, eyes closed, recharging, with a meditating timer app running by his side. (the app is called Samsara by the way, I don’t use it though)  Not that meditation or mindfulness or visualization is new to traders but this “trend” (I mean it’s only thousands of years old) has gone mainstream.

Finally I get to talk about these practices I have done since I was a child to a receptive audience. (I was talking about it before the audience was receptive anyways…)

In this video I share a number of tools I do and have used. Some of them you’ll like or be familiar with. While meditation and mindfulness are great, I am enjoying creative visualization and breathing exercises (I am doing a 10-week Wim Hof course right now) and I think this will be where a lot of you will find the most value.

I am not recommending anything. Just passing along what I have found works for me.


Here are the sites I mentioned in the video:

My Morning Ritual




Calm (The BrainWave Studios app is also a great alternative and allows for more control of ambient sounds and the volume of the isochronic tones)

Sleep Induction Mat from Bulletproof

IKEA Bekant motorized sit/stand desk

Billions from Showtime

Sony MDR 76-6 headphones (you’ll want a high quality headphone for the isochronic tones)



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